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The INSTAINBLOCKS■ platform is providing new ways to support content creators.
Content creators like Twitch streamers for example can have their content promoted in their own groups & pages on the website while both the streamer and their viewers will earn tokens for being active.

Earn (BAT) Basic Attention Tokens

The INSTAINBLOCKS■ Website/Twitter has been verified as a Brave Creator!
Being active on the website you will  make you earn BAT.

Brave instainblocks website verified

(NEW) Create a Bitcoin & ERC20 Wallet + Exchange

Start using the new wallet that supports Bitcoin & 50+ popular ERC20 tokens including the newest defi tokens. Exchange the tokens peer 2 peer with others trough Atomic Swap Technology.

(NEW) NFT Marketplace

The new NFT Marketplace is out on the Ethereum Testnet. Start minting your images, audio & videos into your own NFT’s. 

nft mp4 test
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Telegram Groups

The Telegram group is where you can chat and send/receive our INSTANTCOIN token. H2Ox bot makes it easily done without any transaction fee!

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Discord Server

The Discord chat server is the place where it all started. This chat server has over 60+ channels, something for everyone! Play/Listen music, watch daily videos, places to advertise your content & even more!

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