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INSTANTCOIN is a token created on the WAVES blockchain. The token can be used with the WAVES exchange/wallet and website/telegram bot.

Firstly, by using this token it is going to help startup the INSTAINBLOCKS◼ community and token holders can benefit from this when the community grows.
Secondly, you can benefit by paying for your transactions fee of any asset on the decentralized Waves platforms with just 0.1 INSTANTCOIN. Thirdly, everyone is able to make use of the token for example in their own developments . Above all, you can claim 0.01 every day at the h2ox faucet for free! Check the realtime price charts at the MARKETS page.




  • Hold them in your secure Waves wallet with your own private key.
  • No personal information is required to make use of the platform
  • Instant transactions highly secured by Waves the blockchain
  • Trade on a decentralized exchange ( Learn More )
  • Pay for transaction fee’s of any asset/token with INSTANTCOIN instead of the WAVES token.
  • Accept it for your own products, giveaways & events
  • Send any amount to up to 100 wallets in one transaction!
  • Get a premium promotion on Discord
  • Benefit from giveaways & airdrops on Discord
  • Trade, Claim Airdrops. Give & Receive tips on Telegram
  • Claim 0.005 INSTANTCOIN everyday at


In total there are 100000.00 INSTANTCOIN and this cannot be changed (Not reissuable).
In the end 100% of the tokens will be allocated to Development Fund and Promotionial use like: Bounty Rewards & Airdrops.

Tokens will be slowly distributed in time and used with our giveaways and airdrops so everyone has a fair chance. 26.000+ of the supply has already been rewarded to people that have joined the giveaways/airdrops and other bounty events. 10% is being held in a cold storage.

Developers that support the token by implementing the token they can apply for a piece of the development funds. You can see the full list of token holders on the website.


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