SHAHMEN Down Upside Official Video

SHAHMEN – Down Upside (Official Video)

‘Down Upside” the first chapter from “BAD DREAM CATCHER”
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Written by Brandon Lee Stratton
Produced by SHAHMEN
Co-produced by Whodunit
Mixed & Engineered by Eni-less

Directed by BLESS + MadeinLX for ©2019 HOUSE of BLESS
Cinematographer: Madeinlx
Editor: Schmiguel Mendes
Executive Producer – Kamil Frakowski
Producer – Dilara Kafali
Line Producer/Fixer – Kadir Arıcı
2nd Unit Camera – Batu Boris Bekler
Aerials: Kuzey Saroglu
Still Photgrapher – Berk Mimaroğlu
Shot on Location in Karaburun, Izmir, Turkey

No white doves or an olive branch
just cats picking fishbones out the garbage can
who makes more trash than the modern man?
I’m here for the treasure, thats all I’m saying

(verse one)
i know my plans are all risky, so much against me
read the story of my life, check my bloodline history
wonder how we survived the mystery
feel my great-great-grandmother came back to kiss me
& whisper in my ear that she miss me
she loves the way i hunger for victory
and even when i stumbled she was right there with me
she was right there with me
her last words were the earth is indeed getting worse
but its also getting better thats just how this all works
the proof is in a Stephen Hawking book or a church
so follow on your fantasies but honor what your worth
know I’m tripping shook my head but i heard what i heard
the flood will keep coming out the mud into the dirt
I’m out the mud into the dirt, I’m out the mud into the dirt

(chorus x2)
down on the upside
blowing smoke up at the floodlights
then driving home through the mudslides
wonder how we survive?
howling at the moon with my wolves ’til the sunrise
i been down on the upside
blowing smoke up at the floodlights
then driving home through the mudslides
wonder when it subsides?
the flood will keep coming ’til your last drop of blood dries

(verse two)
Concrete jungle book Mowgli
mother was a wolf by her lonely
shaped his molding
for the pearls of the world he’d be holding
solid ground on an earth that’s eroding
volcanoes exploding
white ash clouds float while I’m sitting in the sun smoking
laughing, passing grass to the closest of my homies
he hit it for a minute, then he told me
he wonders if he’s schizophrenic
he can hear the trees talking
the flowers have faces
the rivers dream at night
while the water keeps raging
running through the maze of its making
the sun burns trees and it keeps on blazing
the moon counts days and months with its phases
tides turn like a dervish just to chase it
it’s crazy but i chase it
i can smell all my memories and sometimes i taste em
clouds in the shapes of all my best friends faces
at times when you rhyme it feels like we change places
staring at my face out your eyes in amazement
high in the sky flying side by side with the ravens
or running the wolves to find a new location
on higher ground and elevation
until the flood starts breaking
running with the wolves to find a higher location

©2019 HOUSE of BLESS