New NFT Marketplace V2 & Testnet token!

🎉UPDATES! New NFT Marketplace V2 where you can now buy and sell nft’s with the new (INSTT) INSTAINBLOCKS TESTNET TOKEN . Some changes made including Royalties for creators. Please understand this is still a testnet so there is no real money involved!
nft marketplace v2 instainblocks testnet token

Make sure to read the instructions below to claim free Ethereum & INSTAINBLOCKS Testnet Tokens.

Install Metamask from their website.

Switch the wallets network to: Ropsten Testnet
image 2022 01 15 224252

Claim free 1 Ethereum testnet token here:

– Visit the new Wallet , Block explorer & more details for the INSTAINBLOCKS Token.


wallet block explorer instainblocks testnet tokens

– Now click on the Metamask Icon next to the contract address to add the new token to your wallet.

instainblocks testnet token contract address info

Share your Wallet address in the
Telegram Chat (
Discord or Website Activity Feed ( and make sure it is a Ropsten Testnet address.

-STAKING is also here too on the platform try it out!

staking instainblocks testnet tokens

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